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Adams has helped hundreds of businesses grow in an increasingly competitive market.

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... Through our sponsorship and support of community projects, we have gotten to know our neighbors as people.

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Jeanne Hubbard, CEOWe're Adams National Bank.

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Welcome to The Adams National Bank. For over a quarter of a century, Adams has provided the resources for the economic vitality of this region. From the beginning, The Adams National Bank has been known for innovative problem-solving for business owners, especially those whose imagination leads them to new ventures. We operate from a "can-do" premise. Where other banks may say "no," we look for ways to say "yes." We believe in building lifetime relationships by listening, understanding and providing the banking needs of large and small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Our personal service, innovative banking solutions and commitment to our community are the hallmarks of The Adams National Bank. This commitment is shared by our customers, employees and board members. The people who are The Adams National Bank live right here in the Washington area supporting our idea that investing in our neighborhoods is an investment in our future. We believe that the role of our bank is to find ways to make things work for our partners in the community so that together we can grow and prosper.

our success

Adams National Bank is recognized as an outstanding performer in many respects. Operating from a solid financial base with a proven record of corporate earnings and growth, we have been able to forge strong ties with nationally-recognized community investment partners such as Microsoft Corporation and the Shell Oil Company. The U.S. Department of Energy selected Adams Bank as a trustee in their Bank Deposit Financial Assistance Program. This program provides investment capital to minority-owned financial institutions nationwide. In each case, Adams Bank was chosen based on its record of past performance and ongoing dedication to its community. These alliances allow us to expand our reach by coupling the resources of major corporations with the insight of a local lender.

our customers

Building on the Bank's original charter to provide banking resources to women and minority-owned businesses, we have grown to serve a wide-ranging customer base in a region with a significant number of growing businesses, non-profits, professional organizations and government contractors.

We are proud of our success and the success of our customers. We believe in a concept such as UnderArmour and helped it develop from a college student's dream into an international manufacturer of specialty and professional athletic gear. Starting with a belief in kindness and evolving into a comprehensive social service agency providing food, housing, counseling and job training, the volunteers of So Others Might Eat are partners with Adams Bank on many levels. Likewise, Friendship House Association, originally modeled after Chicago's Hull House, has drawn on our lending expertise to help it continue its mission of cultural enrichment, education, and community development into its next century of service. Our customers, like us, share in a vision of corporate excellence and service to others.

our sba leadership

Through the variety of commercial lending services at Adams, we have helped hundreds of businesses grow in an increasingly competitive market. We take a creative approach to finding a loan structure that will work for your business and include flexible repayment terms to meet your cash flow requirements. We can help with government contract financing secured by the receivables of government contracts, accounts receivable/inventory financing, participation loans, real estate loans and more.

Adams National Bank has been recognized by the Small Business Administration as one of the top ten lenders in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area and is currently a Preferred SBA Lender.

our community

In recent years, The Adams National Bank has provided sponsorship and support for a number of community efforts in the Washington area, including the Walk for the Homeless, the AIDS Walk, the Cerebral Palsy Casual Day, and the Toys for Tots campaign.

We have worked closely with the DC Public Schools and with many Charter Schools, sharing equipment, conducting seminars, mentoring students, and leading a campaign to nurture savings and investment. We have underwritten shows for Very Special Arts, helping artists with disabilities bring their work to the public. Bank employees volunteer in local hospitals, schools, and Boys and Girls Clubs, and have given more than 2,000 hours in service to people in need.

Through our Community Certificate of Deposit program, The Adams National Bank highlights and contributes to local charities in the metropolitan area. Our customers are our partners in this commitment, helping us select the charities we support. This program expands awareness of organizations that enrich the health and well-being of our neighborhoods.

Through these activities and others, we have gotten to know our neighbors as people, and they have gotten to know us as well. When we do business together, we can begin with the idea that we share a purpose -- and a vision of the future.

Times change. But some things should never change. Today, most banks are online, accessible 24 hours a day via the latest electronic technology, and we are too. But perhaps more importantly, we are accessible the old-fashioned way, as people ready to talk with you and get to know you and your business so that we can work together for many years to come. Use this site to explore our products and services in greater detail, and then call us so we can introduce you to a better way of banking.

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